Asanga Domask


Founder and Artistic Director, Asanga Domask established the Sri Lankan dance tradition as an acclaimed art form throughout the Washington metropolitan area, bringing this ancient art to universities, conservatories and private studios alike. Her in-depth knowledge and skills have led her to commissions nationally and internationally.

In 2010, Ms. Domask established the Sri Lankan Traditional and Folk Dance program at CityDance where she trains and educates young dancers in traditional
Sri Lankan dance.

She has directed and choreographed the annual Sri Lankan dance concerts held at CityDance Theater at Strathmore since then to help preserve the heritage of Sri Lanka.

To learn more about education and training opportunities, please contact Asanga Domask as

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Class Description:

Sri Lankan Traditional Dance: The ancient traditional Kandyan dance is a fundamental part of Sri Lankan culture, identity and heritage. In this class, students will learn various movements of Kandyan dance and songs, including energetic and rhythmic hand and foot movements, postures as well as vannam (Vannams are beautiful recitations of poetry and dance which mainly describes the behaviors of animals, including the peacock, monkey, elephant etc). Sri Lankan Folk Dance: Villagers have used Sri Lankan folk dance for thousands of years to praise gods, bring out prosperous harvests, and get through daily chores. Folk dances are accompanied by songs, rhythmic hand gestures, foot movements, dramatic expressions, and ancient stories. Students will learn and explore movement and songs of folk life.

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