Asanga Domask




Friday, September 7 at 6:00pm | The John F. Kennedy Center Millennium Stage

This concert is presented by APCA ( in collaboration with the Kennedy Center. APCA is a local 501(c)(3) public charity established to promote traditional South Asian arts, music and theater.

A Single Cycle of the Sun
In celebrating the heritage of Sri Lanka, showcasing its intricate movements, the sounds of drum rhythms, the exquisite and elaborate asanga.7costumes, SerendibDance takes the audience into an ancient world, a world filled with traditions and rich in culture and heritage.   Folk dance is at the heart of “A Single Cycle of the Sun,” just as it is in Sri Lankan life.  “A Single Cycle of the Sun” showcases the life of a village from the sunrise to sunset, filled with the art that exists in the daily chores, simple joys and a community bound together through poetry, folk songs, dance and prayer.  Over thousands of years and in today’s villages, communities carry on traditions of dance that celebrate the harvest season, that ward off the evil spirits, and that showcase the communal harmony in seeing through the days work and celebration of life in harmony. 
Concert is for all ages and FREE!



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